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Our team prides themselves on creating quality hair styles. We’ve chosen the best brands and are proud Kevin Murphy Stockists and retailer of Eleven Australia:

When we think of no-fuss hair styling, we think of ELEVEN Australia. The team relies upon their uncomplicated products to style your hair to perfection. Their brand encapsulates the simple Australian lifestyle we’ve come to love at Suat & Co.

An industry leader, KEVIN.MURPHY makes professional hair care products we love. The brand uses uniquely Australian ingredients to rejuvenate and bring life to your hair.

Our clients receive amazing results with colour using the KEVIN.MURPHY COLOUR.ME range which you will find to be ammonia free, an absolute winner!

As a leading Kevin Murphy Stockists we will help match the perfect solution to maintaining your beautiful locks. 

At Suat & Co, we believe in quality. We can guarantee that you’ll leave our salon with hair that suits you best and products that support the health and integrity of your hair from the comfort of your home.


Like us, Kevin Murphy is a master of his trade. He shares our belief that hair has the power to transform your image. His ground-breaking products are derived from uniquely Australian ingredients like Desert Lime and Kakadu Plum and have elements that pack an all-natural antioxidant punch. These products are used by the best salons and stylists around the world for their sustainability and are sought after by clients looking for high end cruelty-free, sulphate free and paraben free hair care.

Very much like Suat & Co Hair Studio the KEVIN.MURPHY brand are focussed on their environmental footprint and are leading the hairdressing world with recycling an astounding 360 tonnes of ocean waste plastic every year which for us, is a non brainer. Keep an eye out for the official OWP logo on each product!

One great benefit we share with our guests is that as a KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.SALON member, our salon ambassador has exclusive access to special training events held throughout the year which means we deliver the latest products, trends and styles to our clients before anyone else!

Eleven Australia

We love ELEVEN Australia’s simple approach to hair care. Their products aren’t complicated, they just work.

ELEVEN Australia are an award-winning homegrown brand. Started in 2011, the brand has now grown to a 35-product range over the past nine years. Loved and used all over the world, ELEVEN’s fresh approach to hair styling inspires Australian summer loving, textured beachy waves and beautiful up do’s.

ELEVEN are on board with cruelty-free and PETA approved products and we rest easy knowing their brand delivers high quality, effective products that are straightforward to use and affordable for everyone.


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