A Sustainable Salon Partner

Giving back to the community

The importance of being a sustainable salon perth

The ethos of Sustainable Salons is on recycling, reusing and repurposing almost every item of salon waste whilst supporting vulnerable members of the community.

Suat & Co Hair Studio is a proud member of this important initiative as it means a massive 95 percent of waste generated during your visit gets diverted from landfill and we have the opportunity to support, in conjunction with OzHarvest, homeless members of the Australian community.

It is our way of giving back to those in need and connects us with other like-minded salons choosing to elevate the hairdressing industry through environmentally sustainable practices which help make the world a better place.

How sustainable salons helps

Your hair can clean oil spills

Hair clippings are swept up from the salon floor and collected by Sustainable Salons. They’re stuffed into stockings to make Hair Booms (aka hairy sponges) that will help clean up oil spills along our coastlines!

Salon waste turns into food

Sustainable Salons collects all used aluminium, foil, colour tubes, cardboard, paper, magazines, razor blades, and broken tools. All of these materials are sold for recycling and the profits are donated to OzHarvest and KiwiHarvest to help feed hungry people!

Plastic stays fantastic

Sustainable Salons collects all product bottles, plastic packaging and bags and sends them to plastics recyclers. It’s cleaned and made into outdoor furniture and new packaging!

Every 20 ponytails make 1 wig!

Sustainable Salons collects all ponytails 20cm or longer (coloured or uncoloured). They’re redirected to charitable organisations where they contribute to wigs for those suffering from Alopecia or cancer.

Excess chemicals can build roads

It’s no secret that all salons have excess chemicals! Sustainable Salons collects all excess chemical waste from salon members; it’s sent to chemical recycling plants to be neutralised and turned into recycled water that’s used in roadworks and construction.

Look good, feel good

Via the proceeds from recycling salon members’ resources, Sustainable Salons support and fundraising for not-for-profit organisations that help those less fortunate.

Hair Donations

Do you want to help those suffering from medically induced hair loss?

You can help make a positive difference in other people’s lives by donating your hair today!

We can have your locks cut and donated to a charitable organisation or an independent wig maker to be transformed to a new head of hair. Call us to arrange your appointment.

Don’t let your hair go to waste, be the difference!

What does this mean for you?

When valuable ponytails are thrown into landfill, they became wasted resources. Sustainable Salons need approximately 4,000 ponytails each year to create enough wigs for those with hair loss conditions.

Imagine if there was an alternative to contributing to growing levels of waste? There now is!

Approximately 43,700 ponytails have been donated to Sustainable Salons since the launch of the program in 2015.

Thanks to Sustainable Salons you can make a difference by saving your ponytail and donating it to us at Suat & Co.

Each time you visit our Sustainable Salon your service bill will include a small Sustainable Salons Fee of just $2 that will support the salon to keep its commitment to sustainability without compromising the quality service we offer you.

For more information please visit www.sustainablesalons.org or ask your stylist during your next visit.

Be the Difference

Suat & Co accept donations from people of any hair type, colour and age. Ponytails can only be accepted for a donation if they meet the minimum length requirement of 20cm. The measurement is from the tip of the hair to where the elastic tie sits on the ponytail.

If you have coloured, curly or chemically-processed hair – don’t worry! Sustainable Salons will still accept your donation.

Please be aware that only 100 percent human hair can be used to create suitable wigs. We are unable to accept:

  • Wet Hair
  • Dreadlocks
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Loose Hair
  • Ponytails shorter than 20cm

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